It’s giveaway time! Find out how to get your hands on a prize

Cover photo courtesy of Mark Gerl (@mark_gerl)

With just a couple of months before we wrap up another year, we’re all about making the most of the final stretch before the holidays. We’d like to share the magic of soldering with one lucky instructor. We aim to kickstart creative thinking, problem-solving, and of course, the opportunity to get those hands busy with some seriously fun soldering projects.

To enter the competition, simply click here and let us know why you love soldering. The winner will be chosen mid-November and will have the choice of either the Jitterbug, Hue, or Blink Educator Pack, plus a Hakko Soldering Station.

What’s inside the kits?

The ‘Jitterbug’ Educator Pack: This pack is designed for beginners, and is valued at $95. This insect-shaped kit includes a vibration motor that allows you to bring your creation to life! Hear it buzz and watch it skitter, almost like the real thing.

The ‘Hue’ Educator Pack: Valued at $95, this pack is also designed for beginners but is slightly more challenging. Once assembled, turn the knobs to control the brightness of the red, green, and blue values as they change in the LED. Try different combinations to make any color in the rainbow!

The ‘Blink’ Educator Pack: This is one of our most popular kits, valued at $85. Each one features three LEDs and three push-button switches. Once assembled, press the buttons to watch as the LEDs light up!

The winner will also receive a powerful Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station, valued at $100, to help bring every soldering project to life! The much-loved brand sets the benchmark in quality soldering and is the perfect companion for beginners and pros alike.

About the competition

Any teacher or instructor associated with a school or non-profit organization within the United States can enter. Simply write to us and tell us why you love soldering, and you’re in the running for a prize. It’s as simple as that! Once the winner picks the pack they’d like to receive, Learn To Solder Kits will cover delivery.